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The Samurai Strategy

The Samurai Strategy - Thomas Hoover Taal: Engels
Auteur(s): Thomas Hoover
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A high-finance, high-tech thriller that correctly predicted the 1987 stock market crash. It was the first fictional treatment of a major international concern of the Eighties.

Set in locales as diverse as Wall Street and the offices of Japan's powerful Trade Ministry, THE SAMURAI STRATEGY describes a scenario of murder, world-wide currency manipulation, a revival of Japan's smoldering nationalism, and is set against a background of a new high-tech computer milieu. Matthew Walton, a freelance corporate 'takeover' lawyer is hired by a mysterious Japanese industrialist to purchase a New York office building and begin a massive 'hedging' in the financial markets.

Easier for a camel

Easier for a camel - Gratis Ebook Downloaden EBoek Ereader mystery danger exciting Christianity novel Romance disa mystery crime Detective fiction Taal: Engels
Auteur(s): John Talbot
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"Easier for a camel" is a mystery novel based on the author's experiences in South Africa. The events were so strange that few people would believe them. When presented as fact, the author's wife said, "You missed your vocation, you should have been a writer of fiction." Rewritten as fiction and presented to her as such, she said, "The trouble with it is it is not fiction, it's revenge." This version is a mixture of fact and fiction, mostly the latter. The reader may distinguish between the two, bearing in mind that fact is stranger than fiction. It is a Christian novel that shows up much of the sham in conventional Christianity.

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