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Breakthrough - eBook edition Taal: Engels
Auteur(s): Cornelis Slenters
Download (PDF):  Breakthrough
Breakthrough the origins of mind, space and time. Introducing the LOTA philosophy of science.With new answers to the ultimate questions of life. Dedicated to all men and women wishing to discover the source of their own genius.

The Infinite Being

The Infinite Being - Barry Lovellock Taal: Engels
Auteur(s): Barry Lovellock
Download page (PDF): The Infinite Being
This book is based on personal experiences and insights, it has taken years of deep understanding and research into many differing subjects, ranging from the esoteric, metaphysical, spiritual, science, & psychology.
This journey to find some answers and most of all truth began at a young age after many unexplained experiences. 

The Principles of Successful Manifesting

he Principles of Successful Manifesting - How to Live your Life Dreams in Abundance and Prosperity Taal: Engels
Auteur(s): Thomas Herold
Website: Dream manifesto
Download (All): The Principles of Successful Manifesting
Picture yourself three months from now… Achieving any goal, desire or dream in your life by using the latest mind bending discoveries of Quantum Physics and the most powerful source in the universe.

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