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5 Paths to an Online Income

5 Paths to an Online Income - Tom Woods

Taal: Engels
Auteur(s): Tom Woods
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There are plenty of scammers, or at least very shady characters, in the world of Internet marketing. There are people who sell you products that turn out to be training programs teaching you how to sell those very products! There are people who push high-ticket items on you so they can win a sales contest. And on and on. This eBook is completely different.

It shows you step by step the exact things to make a comfortable living, with all the freedom and flexibility that entails. I do every one of these five things. Packed with information, this book walks you step by step through the specifics, including:
  • How to earn passive income through affiliate marketing (this one is huge)
  • How to start -- and monetize -- a podcast
  • ​How to self-publish a book
  • How to be a successful freelancer online
  • How to earn an income from blogging (yes, it can be done)

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