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Strike of Lightning

Strike of Lightning - M. F. C. Assoum

Taal: Engels
Auteur(s): M. F. C. Assoum
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A Dance of Storms and Shadows: Strike of Lightning. Utilising the tragic stories of true childhood experiences for many, this book weaves together tales of unimaginable pain and suffering as experienced by young Australians Michael, Sumaya and Charlie. Unexpected events see their lives changed forever as they are chosen by the Order of the Priori to join the fight for all that is good in the world.

The trio discover a deep, ancient and powerful presence lurking deep inside each of them. Having been transported from the western suburbs of Sydney to the Towers of Light, to be inducted and trained in the ways of the Priori, Michael, Charlie and Sumaya develop unbreakable bonds of friendship and kinship which only shared tragedy could forge. A dark prophecy is fulfilled when a member of the Priori is murdered setting loose a chain of events which will ultimately lead the world to a battle which will decide the fate of every human for generations to come.

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