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So’ham Yoga

So ham Yoga The Yoga of the Self Taal: Engels
Auteur(s): Swami Nirmalananda Giri
Download (PDF): So’ham Yoga
Yoga is all about freedom. Only a fraction of the world’s population is formally imprisoned, but the entire human race is imprisoned in the body and the earth itself through the twin laws of karma and reincarnation. None are free from the inevitability of sickness, age, and death, however free of them they may be at the moment. The human condition is subject to innumerable limitations. Who really controls his life fully, attains all his goals, and knows no setbacks of any kind? No one. Our real Self, the spirit, is ever perfect and free. But we have forgotten that. So we identify with our present experience of limitation and bondage and consequently suffer stress and pain in countless ways.




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